Who ?

Use cases on industries GeniusLink addresses

Why ?

Complex questionning, simple answering 

Why using a Cellular router to connect CCTV cameras ?
  • To ensure data transmission. In fact, wireless security cameras connected to Internet without a router may not reconnect automatically  when loosing connectivity
  • To allow access to any CCTV  camera installed behind the router, and thus access streaming footage from application servers and mobile apps
  • To enhance security and monitoring over your remote sites and scale when adding more cameras
Will a Cellular LTE router consume a large amount of data ?
  • By using dedicated and managed M2M simcards, we can adapt the required amount of data with your number of camera  and your usage patterns. Data plans can be changed on-demand !
Why choosing a dedicated Internet access for security CCTV ?
  • To ensure data transmission at all time. Sharing your broadband Internet access used by all your staff and other applications might not be able to guarantee the bandwidth required for your security CCTV system. As well, new settings of your broadband Internet router might compromise the access to your CCTV camera
Why using an industrial router ?
  • Unlike business or entreprise routers, our industrial router have been designed to thoroughly fit any location and installation or specific mounting 
  • It adapts well to any industrial site as it can resist any extreme condition such as dust, heat, cold, vibrations and pressure.
Why opting for subscription ?
  • Subscription allows you to avoid heavy initial investment
  • At the same time, you won’t face the risk of getting stucked on a given technology (Yes, we will upgrade our solution with respect to emerging technologies).
Why prefering a Fixed Public IP sim card ?
  • Using a fixed public IP sim card enables to maintain an active two-way connection
  • You can remotely access the device and retrieve information when requiered with no delay
  • It ensures greater visibility and control over your remote devices
Why choosing GeniusLink ?



Any loss of your assets or partial interruption of your operations might have a dramatic impact to your business.  


Your Security and IT specialists do not need to test, learn and maintain complex networking infrastructure. We have simplified it and doing it for you.


Your existing connectivity even dedicated and using cellular networks might not be updated to adapt to your existing and future surveillance monitoring requirement.

Switching to LTE technology, multi-network access and managed connectivity will guarantee the highest performance of your critical systems in place.


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